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Types of Scissor Lifts & Applications

High rise lift –: is most suitable for workshops and showrooms with high ceilings or for outdoor use. Full rise scissor lifts allow workers plenty of access between the lift platforms and oil drain underneath the elevated vehicle. A full rise scissor lift occupies around 25% less floor space than a two-post car lift.

Mid Rise Lift –: is best suited for medium-scale environments, including some outdoor applications. It can lift cars, vans, and light-duty trucks. They are ideal for muffler replacement, tire, wheel, and brake-related repairs, collision repair work, and preparing new vehicles.

Low rise lift –: is ideal for smaller indoor spaces, including home garages. Low-rise lifts are often used in quick service work situations involving tires and brakes.

Tech Lift - Wheel ALignment 55DL
TECH LIFT -Two Post Lift-SHL-Y-J-240 (1)
Techlift - Four Post Lift SHL 460-450 (1)